Design + Strategy

Utilizing methods from a qualitative research toolkit, Business Model Generation and a user-centric strategic framework, I generate actionable insights and opportunities to create a beneficial value proposition across multiple brand touch-points.

Taking those insights and opportunities, I then conceptualize both physical and digital products, taking into account manufacturing and production capabilities. From these initial concepts, I can generate prototypes and user experiences.


Exploring how current technologies can be adapted to help procrastinates break the habit of procrastination.

Skills: User research, design strategy, UX/UI


A brand built for providing STEM education to K-12 children through virtual reality.

Skills: Brand strategy + design, UX Research, VR Prototyping

Jet iD

How could sneaker production be re-shored to Downtown Los Angeles?

Skills: Design strategy, user research, industrial design


Group research project on public’s attitude towards a cashless economy, and generating insights and opportunities through a qualitative research toolkit.

Skills: Qualitative research, research synthesis


Forecasting the next 15 years of technology and identifying insights and opportunities for creatives.

Under Construction.

Yepp Zeal

1 Week project on updating a classic mp3 player, modernizing its design and technology for urbanites.

Under Construction.